Friday, January 1, 2010

favorites of 2009

1. animal collective "merriweather post pavilion"
2. the xx s/t
3. vijay iyer trio "historicity"
4. the flaming lips "embryonic"
5. the yeah yeah yeahs "its blitz!"
6. bell orchestre "as seen through windows"
7. metric "fantasies"
8. dan deacon "bromst"
9. phoenix "wolfgang amadeus phoenix"
10. bill callahan "sometimes I wish we were an eagle"
11. grizzly bear "veckatimest"
12. lightning dust "infinite light"
13. beirut "march of the zapotec/holland" ep
14. bear in heaven "beast rest forth mouth"
15. hockey "mind chaos"
16. sunset rubdown "dragonslayer"
17. the antlers "hospice"
18. balmorhea "all is wild, all is silent"
19. au revoir simone "still night, still light"
20. neko case "middle cyclone"
21. jim o'rourke "the visitor"
22. antony and the johnsons "the crying light"
23. hauschka "snowflakes and car wrecks"
24. the pains of being pure at heart "higher than the stars" ep
25. atlas sound "logos"

best compilation: dark was the night

best covers: taken by trees covering "my girls" by animal collective, and the books covering "cello song" by nick drake

also noteworthy: destroyer "bay of pigs" ep. but it only had two songs on it, so I didn't really think it was fair to put on the list of albums and longer eps.