Friday, March 28, 2008


Balmorhea, "rivers arms"
Beach House, "devotion"
*Fleet Foxes, "Sun Giant" ep
Jason Collett "here's to being here"
Liam Finn, "I'll be lightning"
Rafter, "sex death cassette"
Samamidon, "all is well"
*The Mountain Goats, "heretic pride"

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Sandhill crane migration:

wake time: 3:15am; drive time: 2.5 hours; temperature: miserably cold; experience: the kind of bizarre/amazing experience that just makes you laugh.

more info, click here

Thursday, March 6, 2008

take that!

so, next time you are inclined to make fun of me for living in omaha (you know who you are), please remember that the now richest person IN THE WORLD chooses to live here.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


andrew bird "soldier on" ep: his albums, I think, are becoming less musically interesting (but not less good) - incorporating fewer styles. the first song on this ep is a good example - ignoring the pizzicato introduction, it's just a straight up rock song. I still love the songs in 'mysterious production' more.

The Field "sound of light": I still don't get it. please, someone explain what people like about this stuff. NOT recommended.

hello, blue roses "the portrait is finished and I have failed to capture your beauty": I love dan bejar's (weird) lyrics, but who is this female singer? boo. I have to say, it sounds nothing like destroyer or swan lake. I'm not actually recommending this at all, but thought I'd put out this warning to bejar fans: this is nothing like his usual stuff, and might be kind of bad (unless you like bad folky female singers). NOT recommended.

The Honeydrips "here comes the future": sounds like belle and sebastian + good electronic music. recommended.

The Magnetic Fields "distortion": noisier music than I'm used to from the magnetic fields. some old magnetic fields flashbacks, like in "old fools" (sad, melodramatic melodies with witty lyrics). it might sound different, but it's still them/him (for better or worse).

Michael Hurley "ancestral swamp": sort of a cross between m. ward and nick drake. kind of makes me want a front porch and a rocking chair. also tumbleweed. recommended.

vampire weekend, self titled: clean, "oldies" sound. it's just good, catchy pop music. recommended.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


this place feels like a cheap vacation. give me some freezing rain.