Sunday, February 25, 2007


the song "missing pieces" on the Voxtrot 'Raised by wolves' EP is GREAT. also, I hear they are finally working on a full-length album - very excited about it.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Milwaukee Art Museum

the 1950s Francis Bacon exhibit was impressive. the real attraction is the building, though:

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

belly of a mountain

did any of you go to the sparklehorse show at the high noon last night? I was not very impressed, but I can't even really put my finger on what it was that was disappointing. The music was flawless and the instruments were perfectly balanced. It may have been a bit too clean - like they might have just been playing the cd through very loud speakers. anyway, it wasn't memorable at all.

I'm getting really bored with all of the pretty-good-but-not-great music out there. really bored. my measure of whether music is really good or not is based on whether I find myself daydreaming about being in the band while listening, and that hasn't happened in a while.

Monday, February 5, 2007

three ways to become cooler

1. listen to the new Arcade Fire album
2. start smoking
3. live in the house pictured below
(hint: its so ugly and ridiculous, its cool...?)

(click to enlarge image - its worth it)

Sunday, February 4, 2007

January Album Reviews

The shins, "wincing the night away": they've just recycled their past two albums, only this album doesn't have the coherence of their first album, and lacks the really catchy, great songs of their second. this album also doesn't sound as nostalgic as their last two. but its the shins, they have a good sound, so I like it.

Menomena, "Friend and Foe": overall its pretty good, although there's some sporadically lame stuff on this album. in fact, if you listen to this album, just skip track 1 altogether. some of it reminds me of 90 day men (esp track 7).

Of montreal "hissing fauna, are you the destroyer" - probably good although I can't say I remember; I started playing it, and then all of a sudden it was 52 minutes later and I realized I had just been daydreaming about disneyland which is exactly what happens to me when I listen to Apples in Stereo - and I don't even like disneyland. too much of that "power pop" sound for me.

Clap your hands "some loud thunder": very average. maybe kind of irritating to listen to, which leads me to believe that their first album may not have been very good (I was obviously taken in by the novelty of their sound. they got me).

Deerhunter "cryptograms": wall of sound. track 2, 5 = stereolab, except not catchy. lots of pointless noise. boring. stupid repetitive shit.

Beirut "lon gisland EP": amazing. go buy it.

Hammock "raising your voice...trying to stop an echo": not very memorable. very mellow - I might have fallen asleep while listening to this album. good in the way that taking a bubble bath is. but without bubbles.

Husky Rescue "ghost is not real": Broadcast w/ folk flare. carefully composed. underrated, this album is actually pretty good. though, at times a little bit too "delicate" - two minutes into the album, there's a moment where you think it might turn into something. voice sounds like the singer from blonde redhead, but not as angry

The long blondes "someone to drive you home": stop trying to be the organ. ok, but since you are trying, you're doing a pretty decent job.

don't bother with: fennesz, sally shapiro, or the sile
nt years

time flies...

A very happy birthday to my youngest brother!

Luke: I can't believe you're already 16!