Wednesday, June 29, 2011

auspicious transitions; emboldened by it just being the right thing to do. a storage space, a new autonomy, leaving behind a crippled car and a dangling apartment lease. humbled by a drained savings account and honest debt, snoring next to strangers, and ashamed of the marks of privilege that I inadvertently wear. tears from omaha to des moines (some tears are warmer than others) and a surprise cup of coffee in Iowa city (some cups of coffee are warmer than others). a mal de mer that made the ceiling squeeze and left me perceiving things more in terms of weights than sights and sounds: things differing by how tightly they cleave to the earth. right now, I'm all knots and knuckles and exit numbers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


* chad vangaalen - diaper island
* danger mouse/daniele luppi - rome
* fleet foxes: helplessness blues
* ema - past life martyred saints
here we go magic - the january ep
i'm from barcelona - forever today
mark mcguire - a young person's guide to mark mcguire
my morning jacket: circuital
nat baldwin - people changes
okkervil river - i am very far
secret cities - strange hearts
* the antlers - burst apart
the sea and cake - the moonlight butterfly ep
* wild beasts - smother
zomes: earth grid