Saturday, December 22, 2007

november notes and recommendations

honestly, kind of a disappointing month...if it weren't for the avett brothers I might not have bothered with a november post at all.

*the avett brothers, "emotionalism": really beautiful folky harmonized nostalgic melodies. hints of neutral milk hotel and augie march. one of the things I like about this album is the use of second vocal melodies that are actually different melody lines, not just harmonized lines. there's also something remarkably genuine about this album/this group.

bear in heaven "red bloom of the boom": some 70s confusion, kind of reminds me of earth opera with its randomness. after a few listens, it starts to make more sense, but I don't think you'll ever have an "aha" moment where you really get what's going on in this album.

burial, "untrue": I'm sort of confused by this album. I think the first 4 minutes of it are great, and then after that, there are no more surprises. can someone explain to me what is supposedly so great about this album?

*Efterklang "parades": this group reaches actual musical composition and with the horns and strings, reminds me of sufjan stevens. this one's a bit of a deviation from their last album - a bit more evolved, but I couldn't really explain in what way. think richard einhorn's voices of light - only more calm and melancholy.

georgie james "places": sort of going for a new pornographers "power pop" thing here (catchy, upbeat). but the only good songs are the female-sung ones, which remind me of camera obscura.

disappointed by this month:
bonnie "prince" billy & the grizzly bear ep